How to use Energyfi? (Swap)

See how to use Energyfi in its most basic function: swaping tokens.
Energyfi is operating on Moonbeam, therefore if you don't have it yet, you will need to add Moonbeam to your Metamask.

How to add Moonbeam to your Metamask?

In order to successfully add the Moonbeam network to your Metamask we suggest that you follow this tutorial here:

How to swap?

Now that you have Moonbeam on your Metamask, just go to: and click on Connect Wallet. (You can connect via Metamask or WalletConnect)
As previously said, Energyfi is operating on the Moonbeam network, therefore you will need some GLMR to pay for the transactions fees and so on. If you don't own any GLMR, we suggest you to buy some on a centralized such as Binance and send them to your Metamask address (when you do that make sure you select GLMR network)
Fees on Moonbeam are very low, but you should always make sure that you have enough GLMR to make the transaction go through.
Once you are connected, the amount of GLMR on your address will always appear on the top right corner like this:
If you have GLMR on your address you can proceed to swap any tokens from this interface:
You can select the amount of GLMR you want to use and so on. Once you are ready you can click on Swap. Then Confirm Swap.
After clicking on Confirm Swap, you will need to Confirm the transaction on your Metamask. Once you have done that, the transaction will be submitted:
You can click on Add EFT to Add EFT to your Metamask.
The transaction should be pending for a few seconds then once it is done, a confirmation message will appear on your right:
Congratulations, you now own EFT on Moonbeam and know how to Swap on Energyfi.