How to stake your EFT on Energyfi?

Stake your EFT to earn to rewards and see your balance of EFT increase with time
Once your wallet is connected simply go to:
The first thing you need to do is click on Approve, then Confirm the transaction on Metamask.
Once it is done, you can stake: enter the number of EFT you want to stake and click on Confirm Staking.
After you have clicked on Confirm Staking, confirm the transaction on Metamask. Once the transaction is confirmed you will see your balance change.
Once they are staked, your EFT become xEFT:
Click on "Your xEFT Stats" to see more about data about your EFT staking. If you want to unstake, you can simply click on Unstake and your xEFT will become EFT again.