How to participate in an ILO?

See how to participate in an ILO on Energyfi's Launchpad.
Here we are going to take the exemple of participating in EFT public sale, the same will apply to any public sale. Except that you will need 50,000 EFT to participate in the round one of a public sale.

1/ Buy some BNB

EFT’s public sale will be take place on EnergyPad running on Binance Smart Chain, so we will raise BNB. In order to participate you will need to have or buy BNB tokens (which can easily be done on )

2/ Get a decentralized wallet and add BSC mainnet

EnergyPad is a decentralized ILO platform, therefore you need a decentralized wallet to participate. We recommend Metamask or TrustWallet.

3/ Make sure you have some BNB on your wallet

You might need to send some BNB to your decentralized wallet. If you don’t know how to send BNB to your Metamask or TrustWallet, follow these guides:
Once you have your BNB on your wallet and your wallet connected to Binance Smart Chain, you are ready to participate in the ILO 👇

4/ Go on EnergyPad

  • If you are using Metamask on your Desktop, go to / on the browser you have your Metamask extension downloaded.
  • If you are using Metamask on mobile, open directly on your Metamask’s Browser (open Metamask, verify that you are on Binance Smart Chain, click on the top left corner menu then on Browser)
  • If you are using TrustWallet on your mobile, open on your TrustWallet’s Browser.
TrustWallet on iOS doesn’t have a browser anymore so you will not be able to connect. That’s why we recommend iOS users to get Metamask.

5/ Connect your Wallet

By using the Connect button on the top right corner
And choose your wallet. (You can connect with TrustWallet via WalletConnect)

6/ Click on Energyfi Token (EFT)

In the “Upcoming” or “Live” category depending if the public sale has started or not. Or use the direct link to our ILO: ➡️

7/ Click the “Invest now” button

Screenshot from a test (all the informations in the screen are not representative of EFT’s Public Sale)

8/ Choose the amount of BNB you would like to participate with

Screenshot from a test (all the informations in the screen are not representative of EFT’s Public Sale)
  • Click on Accept and proceed after reading the “Safety Alert” disclaimer.
  • Click on the Purchase button.
  • Confirm the transaction on your wallet and it’s done, you have participated in EFT’s public sale.

9/ What’s next?

  • Once you have participated, you need to wait until the public sale is over to withdraw/claim your tokens.
  • When does the public sale ends? EFT’s public sale duration is 48hours. However, once the hardcap is reached, the public sale is over and EFT is automatically listed on PancakeSwap.
  • To withdraw your tokens you need to go to EFT’s ILO page (same link: Click on “Withdraw tokens”. Confirm the wallet transaction (Metamask or TrustWallet) and you will receive your tokens on your wallet.
  • You don’t see the tokens yet? You need add the token to your wallet.

10/ Add EFT token

To see your EFT tokens on your Metamask or TrustWallet you need to add the token. You need these informations to do so:
  • Contract address: 0xAe98E63dB1c4646BF5b40B29c664Bc922f71Bc65
  • Symbol: EFT
  • Decimals: 18
To add token on Metamask🦊, follow this guide here. To add token on TrustWallet⬡, follow this guide here.