How to farm on Energyfi?

How to farm for more rewards 🚜🌾
Farming is available on a selection of pairs. You need to provide Liquidity to these pairs, then "Stake" your LP into these farming pool in order to gain extra rewards.

How to farm?

Once you are connected on Energyfi, directly go to:
Under "All Farms", you will see the list of the farming pools available. At the moment we have two farming pools, EFT/WGLMR and USDC/WGLMR.
If you are not already providing Liquidity to one of these pairs, you can do it straight away from here as well:
Click on the farming pool you want to participate in.
Under Liquidity, you can Add Liquidity. Same principles, add any metrics on one side of the pair and the other side will be automatically filled with a 50/50 ratio. Click on Confirm Adding Liquidity. Then Confirm Deposit. Confirm the transaction on Metamask and wait until it is approved. If you already have LP on this pair, simply click on "Farm":
From there you can select the % of your LP you want to commit to the farming pool, click on Max to send 100% of your LP into the farm pool. Then Click on Approve then confirm the transaction on Metamask. Once the LP farm is approved click on Confirm Deposit and confirm the transaction on Metamask. Once your LP are in the farming pool you will see this window, with the status under Success.

Harvest Rewards

After some time, you will earn some rewards from the farming and you will have the option to harvest these rewards. Simply go to Rewards and Click on Harvest Rewards, confirm the transaction on Metamask and you will receive your extra rewards from Farming.

Remove your LP

To remove your LP from the farming pools, it's the same process, but this time you can click on the green switch button (green when you are adding, grey when you are removing), that will make show you this window.
Once your LP are "unstaked" from this page, it means they are not in the Farming Pools anymore but you can still see and manage them from the Pool menu.