Why Energyfi
The problem to solve
In the recent years, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has emerged as a solution opposed to Centralized Finance. Global and disruptive, DeFi has reached an estimated market capitalization of 200 Billion US Dollars (November 2021). Nevertheless, it is still facing two major issues:
  • High transaction costs.
  • Gigantic carbon footprint on the environment due to excessive energy consumption on the leading networks.
The rise of environment friendly and cost effective blockchains is imminent and necessary.
DeFi Gateway to Green Networks

Energyfi as a solution

Energyfi is here to address these issues by designing a complete set of DeFi features on Avalanche, Moonbeam, Near, Binance Smart Chain and Echain (Energyfi Chain) which will in the same time accelerate their adoption. Indeed, to move forward into mass adoption a blockchain needs more users, to have more users it needs more dApps. In order to foster more decentralized applications (dApp) and support the developers who want to build on these networks, a fast and reliable All-In-One platform like Energyfi is crucial. Both a cornerstone and a catalyst, Energyfi ambition is to lead the industry towards:
  • Decentralization
  • Transparency
  • Environmental conciousness
  • Cross-chain interoperability
These are the core values which are observable in Energyfi's features.
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