Start trading your favorites tokens on EnergySwap with low gas fees.
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Green and Cross-Chain DEX

Trade your tokens responsibly on EnergySwap, the first decentralized exchange that focuses on green networks. It is therefore building on Avalanche (Avax), Moonbeam (GLMR), Near Protocol (Near) and Echain (Energyfi Chain). In addition, all the projects scheduling their ILO on EnergyPad on Avax, Moonbeam, Near and Echain networks will be automatically listed on EnergySwap.
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Users can experience a low-fees, green and secure decentralized exchange and access different networks easily.

Most rewarding DEX

To distinguish itself from the competition, EnergySwap also focuses on rewarding liquidity providers (LPs). DeFi's recent history show that rewarding LPs is a key factor in DEX adoption. Thus, EnergySwap liquidity providers rewards will be up to 0,6% per transactions (against the traditional 0,3% of PancakeSwap for example). Users can experience the most eco-friendly DEX and LPs can experience the most rewarding DEX.
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Why Energyfi’s Swap

  1. 1.
    Low gas fees
  2. 2.
    Lightning fast transactions
  3. 3.
    Clean design
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Limit order
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
    Highly remunerative for LPs
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Open orders
EnergySwap focuses on providing sufficient amounts of liquidity by being the most rewarding solution for liquidity providers on the crypto market.