EnergyPad, the Energyfi's Launchpad for project creators and investors
EnergyPad is a cross-chain and permission-less, rug-pull proof ILO platform. Let's drive mass adoption to green networks by making them accessible to project creators and investors.
EnergyPad is cross-chain on BSC, Moonbeam, Avax, Near and Echain networks.
LaunchPad Interface


Through Energyfi Smart Contracts, we ensure the safety of the funds for both investors and ILO creators. There is no possibility of rug-pulls. Liquidity is automatically locked, and everyone has the same information. Nothing is hidden, everything is verifiable.

Automatic listing and liquidity locking system

When an ILO ends, the token is listed directly on PancakeSwap (if the network used is BSC) and the liquidity allocation is automatically locked on the Energyfi Smart Contract. ILO participants are assured that the token of the successful ILO will be listed on PancakeSwap (if the network used is BSC) and that the liquidity cannot be withdrawn.

Highly configurable

A key feature, EnergyPad is highly configurable, which means that the ILO creators have more flexibility and can easily meet their investors needs. A list of the parameters that can be modified:
  • Softcap/ Hardcap
  • Percentage of funds raised automatically locked and allocated to the DEX liquidity
  • Maximum/Minimum allocation per wallet
  • ILO and Listing price
  • Duration of the ILO
  • Duration of the liquidity lock
Setting up an ILO

System of Rounds

EnergyPad works with a system of rounds. An ILO is made of two rounds, the first round only last 2hours. During the first round, only the users that hold a minimum of 50,000 EFT can participate. The 2nd round is open to all.
Investing in an ILO view

User friendly

Energyfi's mission is to make DeFi mainstream. DeFi should be simple and investors should not be scared of participating in an ILO. We believe it is important to keep this user friendly dimension to facilitate the Energyfi's dApp adoption.

Token Locker

Token locker systems are essential in DeFi today, ILO creators can use EnergyPad's token lock system to manage their tokenomics and make it easier for investors to understand the different token locks.
Energyfi Launchpad


If you are looking for informations or guidance to create an ILO or participate in an ILO, find our very detailed guide on how to here 👇