Lightning-fast, scalable, DeFi-oriented smart contract platform focused on energy efficiency and interoperability.

Echain Network Vision

Built on top of Energyfi, Echain will be the first Proof-Of-Green-Authority (POGA) and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain. It will be a green and fast network focused on Interoperability, DeFi and Responsible Web3 project adoption as well as users security.

Proof-Of-Green-Authority (POGA)

Proof-Of-Green-Authority (POGA) is a consensus system that allows only authorized entities to validate transactions and propagate new blocks to the chain. In this specific cases, validators needs to run their on-chain activities thanks to renewable energy. They will be trustworthy, and subject to regular Validators Audits.
The POGA consensus is a more energy-efficient alternative to PoS because it requires fewer computing resources.

Echain Token $ECT

Echain Token ECT is the native utility token of Echain network. ECT will be used to pay transaction fees or any services directly related to the on-chain activity.

$ECT Tokenomics

Echain tokenomics.pdf

Echain Roadmap

Echain roadmap.pdf
Echain and Energyfi will be connected and complementary. Energyfi platform will continue to integrate eco-friendly networks, while Echain will grow beyond Energyfi. Energyfi will be the base layer of dApps for Echain's adoption, making it DeFi and adoption ready from the get-go.